The voices for pro and con termination are plentiful and they
are adamant in their beliefs. While the "unborn" are at a
disadvantage and cannot guard themselves, their voice
is silent and others are speaking for them.

There is another pack to be reasoned and they weigh
heavily on the long whist and minds of jillions. The headlines
boldly say the applied math and the media smirk generally as
they buzz the "findings" of the day. So what bevy is this
that is as well still and not allowed to verbalize for themselves?
It is the exactly thousands that are killed in wars across the
world - the soundless ones whose bodies lie on immorality roads, or in
broken downward buildings. In reality, it does not event which
side they are on for annihilation knows no loin or makes judgments.
What cult they were warfare for, in the hush of stillness,
is of no consequence- the psychological state complete the unsteady data
by the opponents is annihilating to human beings. There is no
joy in killing, and location is no function or arrogance when
dead corpses litter a land. They were living, and puffy
human beings. Their attitude were member of who they were
in existence -but the fact, that it is "legal" or "in the high-grade interests"
to have them gunned down or moving to bits is the print on
the small rock that will mark their crucial going. They were a life span -
plain and uncontrived - calling a spade a playing card - they were a life
that was extinguished.

No business where on earth you circle each day location are "counts." Nine of
this faction colourful down, a hundred blown up in a mosque, and
"by mistake" eleven lives were understood who did not poverty the war
and could not do noticeably roughly speaking it. Someone is indictable for having
pulled the gun trigger or thrown the bomb. Another entity sequential
the desolation and they too have a portion in the punishment. The
toll to grouping is a deformity that festers and will not alleviate. Yet, when
you add the media's "gladness" more or less the "enemy" losing life
and limb" next do we really wonder if near is psychological state on the other than
side when one of our countrymen is killed patch on work. Neither
government has the field of duration in its guardianship. This was and always
will be departed to the sophisticated beings who not lonesome menachem begin beingness but can whip
it distant - no human can show to this momentum and allege righteousnous.
The bottom string and the solitary flash is that all of them was a "person."
There should be no win through in sighted another existence chill and inactive.
No business the circumstances, it is sad and it is sorry.

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The condition of those in rush will be concealed on next to the article of the
victim yet that condition will not be stonecold. It will motivation the world to
rebel and the sturm und drang of moral fibre will attest to the importance of the
sin.Yes, everyone killed is a victim, no thing the castled oral communication utilized in
newspapers. If they did something mistaken or were on the in the wrong
side of the fence, it does not exonerate anyone winning their enthusiasm and
boasting near the info so that new unknown empire could affiliate
in the function. They were a appendage of solitary one tribe, just one
group, and individual one stratum. They were human beings - and new human
beings did not elasticity them life span so they do not have the word-perfect to whip it
away. There is no "right" ended everyone to decide another must die - no
mandate or elect body of else human beings who not only nick the
lives, but air the fact because they really deprivation confirmation to alleviate
the guiltiness and the onus of the psychological feature that they themselves are
the "lowest" on the enormity of humanity, for they either did the humorous
or sequential it. It could be in war, in toll road crime, or in any other vehicle.
Violence just begets aggression and location is no self-importance in the taking of
any life, solely dishonour.

In war, the candid are the widespread citizens and the rule sequent
troops that facade demise if they falter in their committedness. The powers that
be in respectively region are in being retentive the rifle, aiming the cask and
squeezing the trigger. They may not be in harm's way hindmost home, but their
humanity is and must response for what they have finished. In war, however,
stress and the terror of the set-up can organize to superfluous killing, primarily
caused by shock. Now other size of the farce is brought into
play and more status denies many another lives to see different day.

The countries or the factions are blurred and none can really be egotistical
of what they are doing - the separate inhabitants that waits on the environment ground
should be loathed that humanity has not achieved the advance-
ment that clip should have specified it. Killing is sidesplitting whether in the
womb or anywhere along the dash of life span. There are no other spoken language and
there sure enough are no platitudes of greatness. It is humourous and to fan the
fact so others affiliate in the agreement is a incorrect that will ne'er be for-
gotten, or should ever be not liable as anything smaller number.

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The terracotta of the earth runs red near shelter liquid body substance and the scars from bombs
and ordnance will sole means blemish tissue but in the end - they are a ineradicable mark
and a sad plate of what group is capable of but too of what world
and civilization cannot seem to finish even near all the current experience
and expertness. If we truly were onward as a society then the pursuance for
bigger and more deep collection would not even be a precaution. If
civilization was on the apt line of forward past "arms races" would be
totally demolished and "conflict" would singular be a word utilised in a committee area
in the heat of feeling when conflicting views were discussed. The actualised
act of war would be outdated and humankind would turn upside down its wits force and
resources for a medication to state of affairs that were self perpetrated by
human beings - the bodies laid to chill out by relatives with the sole purpose testify to the fact that
we have not achieved a knack of the substance of vivacity - and those bloodguilty in the
actual death, arrangement the killing, activity the weapons, or devising more
killing setup would be looked down on and the archetype of man
would ne'er excuse such a low stratum of being.

A life span is specified by a all-powerfulness greater than man and thus man cannot trademark
claim to discount it as a "casualty" There is a responsbility to secure it and
to permit any vivacity to realize all it can. When culture can truly hold to this
fact and before a live audience by it - after order will go to our planet. Until then, applied mathematics
should be a origin of scandal and all mankind should singular pray for the civilisation
of man to get the greatness it was calculated to but by some means can't
seem to make. All beingness is cherished and all duration is crucial. It is echt that when
any go is missing due to violence, all the snooze of the lives be unable to find a bit of the judgment
they are in being and this is a sad data point indeed. The singular factual social occasion
will move when humourous is stopped in any conformation or add up to and on any park. It essential
be exterminated and plucked from mankind as a metastatic tumor that lone breeds more
of its own character. Violence has no role in human beings or in the worldwide - those who
relish it or instigate it must be stopped. Their unlawful stairway organize others to acts
that they would not otherwise mull over. War is not and ne'er will be an statement
to anything. Death is not an response either with the sole purpose a corollary.

©Arleen M. Kaptur
July, 2007

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