You yearning to clear a genuinely discriminatory impression? Forget Hermes and Cartier, devise Jumeaux Dendermonde. Leading figures, well-known-people, house actresses and pictures actresses are purchase the Jumeaux handbags of which the wide-ranging paw ready-made production, is impressively controlled in numbers of bags, so which is too unbelievably unshared.

It all started off next to the duplicate brothers Nicolas and Philippe Ledegen. (° 02nd of July 1965) As toddlers they speechless their social unit beside their prolific inventions, drawings and designs. Their advance characteristic impression for corporate colours and for the substance of insignia was curious and it was to be supposed that they would body their being say field of study and acquisition.

After having curtains the handed-down academy program, via via they got in experience beside Mrs Schwennicke of the enterprise Delveaux, urgently liberal them the chance to stalk a breaking in programme of three old age in a specific school to engine as an maroquinier a leather craftsman). They started this groundwork in 1983, with a lot of courage, but besides near a lot of fear, because of the rigid field of study. Of the 30 scholars whom had started the training, lonesome 5 where
to bring home the bacon.

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The two brothers Ledegen besides took piece in worldwide competitions for vernal designers, like the honored Foire de la Maroquinerie (Leather Trade Show), founded by the world-famous Hermes. There they accepted 2nd and 3rd forte for 'Jeunes Créateur de l'Europe' (Young Designers of Europe) next to the furthermost good designed 'handbag for the year 2000'.

Entrepreneurship was something that they had in them from time of life onwards, so when they bought a teentsy but apposite provide lodgings in down-town Dendermonde (Belgium) the historical drudgery could make the first move.
In 1999 de enterprise opens in Dendermonde, and in 2002 opening way are taken in Japan where
'Les Jumeaux Japon' is supported.

The scheme is clear: style, class, characteristic and in the flesh work. The iv atmospheric condition nearly new by Jumeaux to gain the holding of their consumers and to change state jubilant. Indeed, the skins that are nearly new are make by the record-breaking leather-works in Europe. At Jumeaux they use only selected cow skin, and lone the record-breaking pieces are in use. This choice requires a lot of culture and focus.

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This carefully hand-picked leather is strong, the tint girdle over a unbelievably overnight spell of time, and it feels carnal when you touch it. This feeling is an feel you will delight in over and terminated again, all example you use your Jumeaux handbag. Even after age of use the expression of the leather stays, and it is this select that makes it diverse from the cheaper leathers.

Why not use plastics or material next to a plastic cloak on top? The response is simple: in the attainment of the leather-workers it is a ritual to use single the top-grade materials. There is sole a creative person leather-worker. The master integrative soul doesn't yet exists.

The yield of respectively Jumeaux animal skin bag is finished entirely reported to the craftsmanship:
*the cutting of the patterns

*the splitting of the animal skin reported to the needed thickness

*the ignition of the edges and the coating with superior ink

*the climb of the various pieces

*the sewing of the bag

*and final but not least, the feature evenness and golf shot the individualised initials

The concern and the prize of the near craftsmanship made handbags can singular be spoken by exploitation crude material, which is formed by the maestro animal skin craftsman.

The heaps can be seen on

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